Our full time property management services include everything from advertising your property, diligently screening tenants and routine interim inspections.  

* Tenant Screening:  Tenant screening will often make or break your rental investment. Previous and present landlord checks, credit scores, employment verification and reference checks are great predictors of future behavior.

* Marketing Expertise:  As your dedicated property management company, we will market your home through a variety of channels that include our company website, craigslist, Used Nanaimo, Kijiji, Rent Nanaimo and Facebook Marketplace. Our team can show your property when needed, with no inconvenience to you.

* Maintenance:  Whether your home is older, newer, or somewhere in between, the necessity for maintenance will occur. Are you prepared to respond to emergencies 24/7? We provide maintenance service to ensure that your asset is protected. Inspections are also completed every four months to confirm the requirements for such service.

* Rent Collection:  Cash flow is absolutely vital to a Real Estate investment. Our property management company has strict payment policies in place help ensure timely payment. We offer electronic fund transfers for all owners and tenants for fast and convenient collection of deposits and rent. Also, as your property manager, we have collection/eviction procedures and resources in place to handle all disputes.

* Freedom:  If everything goes perfectly, property management is simple; however, almost inevitably, things can go wrong. Having a professional property management company to handle any and all problems that may arise will provide you with peace of mind, security and freedom.

Our Services also include:

  • Rental Market Evaluations

  • Completion of Comprehensive Residential Tenancy Agreements

  • Collection of Security and/or Pet Deposits

  • Collection of Monthly Rent Payments

  • Detailed Move In/Move out Condition Inspection Reports

  • Interim inspections every four months

  • Monthly Statements that include income and expense and a copy of any paid invoices

  • Scheduling viewings for rental properties

  • Issuing notices

  • Mediating conflict and dispute resolution

  • 24/7 emergency response and coordination of all outside first responders where necessary

  • Notifying and discussing with the landlord any repair or maintenance item that may exceed $500

Helping YOU is what we do